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Why you really should start video marketing.

We reveal the top five reasons to get started with your video marketing campaign now.

Why you really should start video marketing.

All marketers recognise the importance of content in promoting businesses and brands online. However, video content, despite the rapid development in recent years, has often been overlooked. Meanwhile, the world's second largest search engine is YouTube, so you cannot underestimate the contribution of video marketing to the overall success of your business.

We have summarised the experience of the best branding companies for startups to explain how your business can win the competition with a well-developed video marketing strategy.

It is proven that videos produce a long-lasting impression on your audience. With the right strategy, video marketing can dramatically increase your chances of landing on the first page of the search results, meaning your brand exposure will receive the desired boost as well. People love videos because they present information in an entertaining way and are fun to watch. So video promotion is becoming one of the most beneficial marketing tools around.

Here are the top five reasons to get started with your video marketing campaign.

1. Videos bolster your bottom line.

Many startup branding agencies claim that videos added to your website are able to bring conversion up by around 80%. We tend to agree. Moreover, the vast majority of business owners say that video elements incorporated throughout their digital platforms helped significantly increase ROI.

2. Increase your chances to get to the top of search results on Google.

Ever since Google acquired YouTube, the importance of video in search engine marketing cannot be overstated. Today, search engines are leaning towards websites that accommodate video content. Your chances of being ranked first on Google increase more than 50 times if you post videos on your digital platform.

3. Embrace mobile device users.

More and more people prefer phones and other portable devices to search for goods and make purchases. The growing role of mobile devices, coupled with the fact that smartphone users are 1.4 times more likely to watch video ads, considerably increases the audience to which you can promote your brand.

4. Video content helps boost shares.

Every social media, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course YouTube, has its own tools for adding and popularising videos. If you have an account on social networks, videos can make your brand buzzworthy. 76% of users confirm that they would share a branded video if they enjoyed it. A boost in shares will certainly drive more traffic to your site.

5. Videos promote trust. 

The stronger the trust between your audience and your brand, the more loyal customers you are able to gain. Accordingly, the more repeat clients you have, the more products you can sell.

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Video marketing trends in 2019.

To embrace video marketing to the fullest extent, you need to understand how, when, and what exactly to do. You should be aware of the following trends to take the right course of action.

  1. People prefer watching over reading. Many individuals simply do not want to spend their time on reading long texts, so give them an alternative to watch a video that will deliver the same idea a few times faster.
  2. Content quality prevails over production quality. If you don’t have an expensive camera or a good budget for video effect bells and whistles, you still can succeed thanks to an ingenious idea, absorbing content, and engaging message. If you have no clue on what to do, we will of course be very happy to advise and create the perfect video campaign for you. Video marketing in London is an increasing area of our business, providing engaging and consistent brand messaging to startups and scale-ups.
  3. Videos must be optimised for various platforms. Although you can adapt and use the same video everywhere, make sure to stick to video lengths that platforms support as well as add subtitles if videos run without sound.
  4. YouTube is ahead of the pack. Although YouTube is not the only platform to publish your videos, it is definitely the best, due to its popularity and straightforward monetisation. However LinkedIn and Facebook are trying to take the lead and are certainly gaining ground. 
  5. Live streams play an important role in video marketing. Events broadcasted live as well as interviews and chats with celebs and influencers contribute to boosting brand awareness.

In this day and age, video marketing is something you can’t ignore if you want your business to be flying high. If you lack the time, resources, or knowledge on where to start, The Modern Agency will help you create engaging and professional video content.

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