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Think print.

Print in today’s world is now considered ‘non-traditional’ marketing. We live in a world in which information reaches us through digital streams; blogs, online news and articles, social media and so on...

Think print.

So is print still a valid marketing channel? Does it have its place in today’s world? Can it help promote your brand and business, and if so, then how? You may be surprised…

It is important to know that despite the fact that a lot of marketing reaches us through online sources (or even because of it), print is definitely not dead, and better yet; it is a channel that brings a great opportunity to companies that wish to stand out and take their brand to the next level. It is important to have an understanding of how print changed over time, and take the advantage of what it has to offer now.

While print cannot keep up with the fast-paced updates of online media, with much of our days spent in front of a screen, print has become a luxury, a moment of calm, an opportunity for reflection. Print's current strengths lay in bespoke publishing, premium quality brochures and integration with online media.

Printed communication is a powerful attention grabbing, and customer retaining tool that has the power to excite, and at the same time gives your audience a reason to unplug and relish the opportunity of engaging with the material.

This type of engagement is often more than just admiring the graphic design, it proves to bring tangible results. For example, many magazines who continue their printed publications, found that 90% of readers who receive their printed copy, have taken action upon their advertisements.*

A campaign strategy still needs to be developed in order to achieve the results you want, promote your brand and excite your audience, and this can be effectively integrated with online channels.

Personalisation and visual communication play the key role in a print marketing campaign and will have a direct effect on how successful it is; bespoke publishing and incredible graphic design could be what you need to bring your brand to life, and break the deal with your audience.

Print has a unique tactile quality that is perfect for brands wishing to stand out. Having your customers receive a beautiful, well designed brochure, a personalised postcard, a leaflet with outstanding graphic design, or a superior quality, bespoke published magazine for your brand, is what will make you stand out; to give your clients a feel for the brand and make them remember you.

Printed marketing and collateral could truly be your point of difference in this world flooded with online marketing; contact us to talk about how your business can take advantage of this marketing channel.

Just imagine how quickly and how many times you check and delete your email, in comparison to daily ritual of checking your postal mail? ‘Old is new again’ and this is an opportunity for savvy brands to get the advantage.