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Starting a business in the Twenties.

Congratulations. You’ve taken the leap and decided to start your own business. Now is probably the best time there has ever been to create a startup.

Starting a business in the Twenties.

It's true. Technology has lowered the entry barriers to business, with information, networks, investors and communities just a tap away.

And with the rapid advance of technology, there are myriad opportunities to create a business that can leverage this.

Tech in its infancy now will be ubiquitous over the next decade. The introduction of 5G with just 1ms latency will transform communications – think of how 4G enabled the introduction of the likes of Netflix and Instagram. What will 5G bring?

Advances in Atificial Intelligence mean that lower skilled people will be able to do higher skilled work. Data and ever more rich online resources will present increasing opportunities for businesses ready to respond.

Healthcare will be a major area to benefit from AI. As the population ages, requiring more from the healthcare system and paying less taxes to cover the costs, innovation in this sector will be paramount.

As the millennial generation comes of age, they are looking to spend their money on experiences and access to premium services without the hassle and high costs of ownership. 

The environmental crisis is creating opportunities for busineses with a sustainable edge, solving problems and offering solutions to global issues. 

As people take more responsibility for their diets, the increase in plant-based foods is another great area of business growth in the coming years. 

Clearly there are lots of opportunities ahead for those ready to step up and create a business in the twenties.

And many will. There has been a phenomenal rise in entreprenurship in recent years as traditional job security diminishes and people are more willing to take control of their own future and enjoy the rewards.

Branding your startup.

A key part of their success is branding for startups, whether looking to gain investment or launch in the marketplace, is having a strong brand. 

It is crucial to not only communicate the features, benefits and personality of the business, but also to get noticed and stand out from competitors. 

The brand identity is the very foundation on which all of these businesses’ communication with their audiences will be built.

It’s an exciting time ahead and The Modern Agency will be there at the forefront helping to create the very best of them.