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Ready for the bounce?

After weeks of lockdown, the UK is slowly starting to come back to life. What can your business do to ensure it bounces back quicker and stronger as shutters are lifted and customers begin to venture out into the world again?

Ready for the bounce?

When the UK followed most of Europe in the lockdown, I spoke about the need to maintain a presence even when people are not buying. To be there for them and communicate your brand values in a new way, to resonate in very different times.

As various sectors of business begin to cautiously open up again, many business owners and marketing managers are looking at ways of bouncing back. But these are very different times, and messaging will need to be handled sensitively and appropriately.

Agile businesses are not only reimagining their communications to suit the post-Corona landscape, but even analysing their core proposition in order to respond to changing customer needs and behaviours.

As many shops, garden centres and workplaces are being jet washed, sanitised and having social distancing facilities installed (and in case you missed an earlier message, we can offer many items to enable your business to function safely upon re-opening), the same care and attention should be paid to your communications.

Most businesses will not be able to simply pick up where they left off. If your business is to start trading again in the near future, it would be wise to review your communications now. How does the messaging 'feel' in the current circumstances?

Everyone wants to move on, but it makes sense to acknowledge where we are now, and how your brand can adapt to a new reality. Beyond the practicalities (and impracticalities) of social-distancing and sanitary controls, what can you do to make customers' lives easier, and communicate a safe, reliable message to your audience?

We have already seen a rush of now clichéd phrases such as 'new normal', 'unprecedented times', 'here for you' (see a great montage of recent ads illustrating this here) so let's try to avoid these, and instead look at how the core values of our brands manifest right now.

Businesses that address such issues head on will emerge stronger and more quickly than those that try to continue with old messaging and communications that do not acknowledge where we are now as a society.

It's time to move the conversation on, and get ready to bounce.


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Image courtesy of Merlin Inflatables.