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How to commission great design.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s just started their first ever business enterprise in London, or a franchised company with establishments nationwide, you can never underestimate the impact of a great brand.

How to commission great design.

Whether your business needs an eye-catching logo, a new website design or the colourful brochure that resonates perfectly with your brand image, sourcing great graphic design work is of utmost importance to any business.

There are both long-established and new design agencies, and freelance designers popping up overnight, with ever-impressive portfolios to match, so it’s unsurprising if you feel overwhelmed when deciding who to commission.

Fortunately there are various factors to consider, which can narrow your search and save you from unnecessary expense, hassle or disappointment.

The first step is to consider the style of work produced by each agency, and your own individual requirements. Furthermore, ensure that you can communicate well with the design agency. With subjective matters like graphic or website design you’ll need to be able to communicate well with the designer, so make sure this isn’t a problem by contacting the agency beforehand.

When you’ve narrowed down your search to a group of design agencies whose work has impressed and enthused you, the next step is to focus on the size of company that may serve you best. As is the case with most lines of business, generally the size of the agency will be mirrored in the amounts they charge for a graphic design.

Furthermore, bear in mind that with larger agencies you may be dealing through a manager or other member of staff, whereas with small agencies you can generally liaise directly with the designers.

Before narrowing down your choices you should also consider your budget. You’ll want to consider exactly what you get for your money. Will you own the copyright for your new piece of design work? Does the price include any options, revisions or modifications?

You should also consider whether you want your design work produced on a limited budget, quickly or to a particularly high standard. Often you will have to sacrifice one of these factors in favour of the other two, so take your time deciding on a budget and picking a design agency.

A third issue to tackle when making your decision is the guarantee that you’ll receive an effective final piece which meets your requirements. If you’ve already browsed the agency’s previous work and are impressed with their style, then this is always a great start.

However, you may also want to consult any case studies for details of previous successful design work, especially if they consist of businesses, organisations or industries which are similar to yours.You could even contact your potential agency’s previous clients directly, to gain an insight into how they work.

By following these steps and confronting these issues straight away, you can avoid any headaches and confusion when it comes to choosing a design agency. If you take your time and do your research, you’ll end up with a final piece of work you’re happy with and a new partner for future design work.