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The Modern Agency runs several events for entrepreneurs and startup businesses across London.

The Modern Directors' Club
The Modern Directors’ Club.

The Modern Directors’ Club is an invitation-only mastermind group where members can share challenges, insights, and ask for feedback on how to reach the next level in their, and their business’ development. Each member is a highly motivated and successful business owner/entrepreneur from a different sector with unique perspectives and insights.

Each member has the opportunity to be in the spotlight and present their challenge, goal or a question to the group members. The role of the group is to give all of their time, attention, focus and expertise. The individual's job is to merely listen, take notes, and be open to receiving their feedback.

This is a valuable opportunity to network and collaborate to address each other’s business issues, and sometimes a social/charity issue too, and to discuss new income generating streams for each other.  

Numbers are strictly limited in order to keep the group dynamic.

To join The Modern Directors' Club, we have three options:
• PAY AS YOU GO attendance per meeting in advance
£72 including VAT - BUY NOW 
• MONTHLY subscription by Direct Debit £45 + VAT - SIGN UP NOW
• ANNUAL subscription by Direct Debit £500 + VAT - SIGN UP NOW

If you have any questions please contact us.


Modern Mondays
Modern Mondays.

Moderns Mondays is an informal London business networking group. It is a great opportunity to meet and network with other entrepreneurs and SME business owners over a drink or two.

Hosted by The Arts Theatre Club, which brings the understated glamour of the Prohibition era to the streets of London's Soho, it offers a range of beers and fantastic cocktails. Bring lots of business cards and enjoy a lively evening at this great venue.

We expect a good turnout and it is a fun way to meet your next client introducer, supplier or even business partner.

Modern Mondays is currently on hold during the lockdown period, but don't worry - we'll be back.