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Creating the Dream Team.

As Creative Director of The Modern Agency, the very reason that sets us apart from other agencies is the reason I love what I do.

Creating the Dream Team.

One of the differences between The Modern Agency and many other creative agencies is the way we put together our teams specifically based on their strengths for each project. 

It all begins by working closely with our clients to develop their brief, ensuring all angles are covered and a clear strategy is in place.

While overseeing the concept and creative for the project, I pull together designers, copywriters, developers, project managers, PR professionals, social media gurus and more to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome in achieving our clients' goals. 

We have an extensive team of best-in-business professionals available. Many of these are continuously engaged on projects for our clients, but there are many who are called upon when a particular skill, background or perspective is required.

The great thing about working this way is that unlike other agencies who find clients to fit the skills of their team, we can be far more agile in approaching each project from the client's perspective to put together a team with the specific skills required to deliver a truly exceptional result. 

A recent project consisted of myself, David and Emma our PR directors, Uta our strategic communications copywriter, and Dan our social media manager, along with our design team for a creative campaign that would involve celebrity endorsement across multiple channels.

Another involved myself and Laura, our senior web developer designing and planning an extensive new website for a major London venue. Getting the right photographer on board, and appointing a copywriter with exactly the right tone of voice.

I love the fact that however challenging a brief may seem, we have the answer in the form of a wide range of highly talented, experienced and creative individuals to assign to a project. 

Every client, and every project is different. So every solution should be too. For me as Creative Director, it means every day is different as well; and that's something I could never tire of.