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Business as unusual.

As the tan starts to fade and poolside relaxation becomes a hazy memory, thoughts turn back to business and the opportunities for the final quarter. 

Business as unusual.

Many of you will be putting into action marketing plans for the final push of the year. But let’s step back for a moment and consider how ambitious these plans are. 

Do they reflect a major push in targeting those key prospects and gaining new interest from an expanded reach? Or are they, dare I say, a little on the safe side? 

As I write this, 36,000 feet above continental Europe, I am considering the opportunities and threats for the future. With an expected difficult, or at least uncertain year ahead for British business following Brexit on March 29th 2019, wouldn’t it be prudent to cast the net into some new waters?

If ever there was a time to dream big, I would suggest it was now. Whether your business services clients in the UK or overseas, now could be the time to instil confidence in your prospects that you have a firm hand on the rudder as we enter choppy waters ahead. 

Offer them the reassurance that your brand is here to stay, ready to innovate and adapt. Many businesses are looking for new partners ahead of the UK’s break from the European Union - maybe yours can offer a compelling alternative to their existing supplier. 

Consumers may be faced with higher prices and less choice - could your business offer them their goods or services in a new way?

So as focus returns to how we market our businesses over the fourth quarter, make sure the points of difference that your business offers, its brand personality and the way it engages with its audience is carefully considered. 

But also let's see who else we can serve, and what can we do to really make a difference.

Whatever the outcome next year, the final quarter of 2018 is the time to innovate, reassure and excite. 

Most definitely business as unusual.