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The brands we need right now.

Let’s face it, you’d be forgiven if lately you have been feeling like life is all doom and gloom. But finally it seems we are turning a corner.

The brands we need right now.

With last week’s US election result and a Coronavirus vaccine on its way, things could indeed be looking up.

There is a feeling that the world has changed, perceptions have shifted, and there is a common theme of positivity among businesses.

Smart brands are embracing change, and raising their game with new identities and campaigns that are more playful, show compassion, and make genuine sustainability commitments.

Those who are merely ‘greenwashing’ will be revealed, and those who persist in environmentally and socially harmful ways will ultimately fail.


Among all the bad news, successful brands have been using positivity to cut through and be noticed. Over the past year there has been a strong emphasis on brands with fun, optimistic and joyful personalities.

From the ‘Me Too’ movement through ‘Black Lives Matter’, to the health and economic issues of the past year, brands have found a need to be authentic and speak as humans – not as corporate machines.

There is clearly a need to be responsive and witty on social media, and brands are using this to their advantage to engage with their audience.


As we become more physically distanced, many brands are creating their own communities to provide ways for people to connect with each other.

Social media is the obvious way to build a community, but many brands take this much further. For example GoPro’s brand marketing strategy is driven by content created by its community.

Members share their videos of their adventures on YouTube, with around 9.8 million subscribers to the GoPro channel.

User-generated content is authentic, engaging, and demonstrates a brand’s product in use. And once set up, is virtually free.

Building a community is a powerful way to connect with your audience, that once it gains traction, can represent a fantastic ROI.


Environmentally friendly products and services have been gaining momentum for many years, but the past few years have seen sustainability and environmental responsibility become a ‘must-have’ for brands.

New brands are being created to help larger corporations meet their ethical and sustainability commitments – symbiotic wins for all the brands involved.

Once niche environmentally friendly products now have supermarket own-brand competitors. For example Ecover now need to compete with Waitrose ECOlogical range.

If your business does not have good ethics at its core, and if this is not communicated through your brand, now is the time to make the change.

What about your brand?

So how does your brand measure up against the new zeitgeist? The tide has turned and businesses and consumers alike are looking for authentic brands.

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