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Branding and marketing for start-up and scale-up business.

Branding your startup.

Having a strong brand as a startup is essential, whether to attract funding or gain traction in the market. Our Creative Director, Dean Ford explains why.

Branding your startup.

Every month I see some fantastic new startups – innovative ideas, disruptive technologies or just an interesting alternative to a well-proven model. And branding services for startups is a hot topic of conversation at the moment.

The areas of fintech, medtech, luxury and health are particularly interesting right now, and competition is fierce. The ability to stand out and communicate the benefits, ethos and personality of your brand have never been more important. 

Startup investors.

Potential investors are inundated with companies claiming to be the next big thing. Having a strong brand at this early stage is vital to not just gain the attention of a compatible investor, but also to prove to them that the brand is robust enough to compete in the marketplace.

Like any brand, a startup needs to stand out and communicate clearly to its target audience. Entrepenuers and investors alike will be keen to see a return on their investment as soon as possible and in order to achieve this, a startup needs to be selling from day one.

Therefore, hitting the market with a compelling brand and considered marketing strategy is vital. Even in development stages, a business benefits from having a clear identity and raison d'être – a flag for the team to rally under and a clear point of difference from the competition.

Branding services for startups.

So what should one consider when branding your startup? Inevitably, budget is going to be a key consideration for any startup looking to develop their brand. The good news is, it need not be an expensive exercise. 

The Modern Agency is recognised as being among the best branding companies for startups, and we have experience in ensuring budget is spent in only the key areas to ensure growth, before expanding reach once there is a return of the initial investment. 

If you are considering a new enterprise or are investing in startups, I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch via the contact form or call us on 020 7112 7519.