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Branding and marketing for the year ahead.

How was 2017 for your business? What worked for your business, what didn’t, and what can you learn from this?

Branding and marketing for the year ahead.

Just as you will assess your profits or losses, you should be evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing and branding over the past year, to learn from any mistakes and concentrate on what led to the highest level of interest and sales.

What did you learn about your customers, and how can you pass this on to the branding or design agency you work with? Did your web traffic convert into enquiries or sales, and how effective was your social media presence? Did you receive feedback from direct mail, and how was your advertising generally received?

With thousands of companies across London competing for business, you’ll need to remain front of mind if you want to get a head start in the New Year. Once you’ve pinpointed the most effective marketing strategies, you can focus your branding, advertising and marketing on them throughout the year.

While putting together your new marketing strategy, you’ll also want to reconsider your long-term goals. Are they still relevant, and achievable? If not, can you develop several smaller targets to build towards your eventual goal?

You could put together a monthly or quarterly plan, and organise any new marketing strategies, like a website update or advertising campaign, around hitting these targets. The key issue is to establish just where you want to be in a year’s time, and exactly how you’ll get there.

Here at our London design agency, we’re currently working with a range of clients on their 2018 branding and marketing strategies. We work with our clients to assess both their immediate marketplace and the wider, international markets to ensure our plan is both cost-effective and successful in the current economic and business climates.

We’re firm believers in the positives of a strong, consistent company image, producing branding and graphic design which resonates with the business as a whole, and provides you with some stability in an often unpredictable marketplace.

Get ahead of the competition by focusing on what was most effective last year, and building upon that this year; ensuring you engage with both potential and existing customers.