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Appointing a creative agency.

It is a given that good design companies will produce great design, but the best design companies will back this up with solid ideas, imaginative marketing plans and great client communication.

Appointing a creative agency.

The relationship between you as a client and your chosen designer is the most important consideration. You will need someone who understands your business, the market and most importantly, your goals. 

At The Modern Agency, we believe this is the foundation of a great client relationship, and great design work too. 

As designers, we will first discuss, and if necessary develop your brief, ask a few questions, challenge some assumptions and consider the problem from both yours and your audience’s point of view.

Together we’ll come up with a design brief to tell a story rather than just listing the facts.

We want to create some surprise; give you something unexpected. Adding a little magic into the marketing mix. 

As graphic designers, we need to strike a balance between challenging preconceptions and understanding your requirements, deadlines and budget. 

We will always strive to bring more to the table than we were asked.

A business will get the best out of their design budget when they begin the commissioning process with the understanding that their design company can bring intelligence, creativity and of strategy to the project rather than merely making something look nice.

The role of branding and graphic design is now, more than ever, to create and retain distinction in the message that businesses communicate to their audience, in increasingly competitive and testing markets. And that applies to large and small businesses alike.

Businesses must position themselves apart from the crowd and set the pace rather than just responding to the competition.

At The Modern Agency we are with you every step of the way, to ensure that you are on track to become the leader in your market.