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Branding and marketing for start-up and scale-up business.

2020 vision.

There may be trouble ahead… Make sure you have a clear focus on the forthcoming challenges, and build your brand to weather the storm.

2020 vision.

Many of us will have used the summer break to think of new business ideas and strategies. At The Modern Agency, we are planning a number of new ventures for next year. Most of these are focussed around adding value for our existing clients, and offering services to gain new prospects.

But have you given sufficient thought to your business' brand itself? Your brand is the DNA of your business. In terms of how your audience perceives you, it is your what, why, where and how.

Communicating a clear message is vital, particularly when the market is tough. If there is less business being done, you surely want a bigger piece of the pie.

Your brand, through demonstrating a clear point of difference between you and your competitors, and giving a consistent message across all media, will be in a strong position to gain that market share. In business, it’s not enough to be the best; you have to be perceived to be the best.

As we look towards 2020, do you have clear vision as to how your business will define itself as the go-to answer for your clients and prospects? This should surely be the goal of any ambitious business.

So how does your business fair? Are there any weak points? Reviewing the consistency of your brand and messaging across your website, printed materials, social media and all other customer touchpoints, is a prudent move.

If you would like to discuss a review or any particular improvements or projects, we would welcome your call.

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